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These images are copyright - please contact The Digger for further details

Dedicated to both the remembered and forgotten, who once inhabited the homes and farmsteads, walked the "loanins" and toiled the fields in the village and townlands of Glenavy and district, making their last earthly journey along the "loanin" to their chosen place of rest.

"Gordon of Stoneyford Violin Maker"
Michael Costello
Gordon of Stoneyford Violin Maker by Michael Costello

Dedicated to the descendants of violin maker Hugh Gordon, some of whom still
reside in the
Stoneyford and surrounding areas.

Price £7 each.
Copies can be
obtained by
Michael Costello

£2 from each book sold
will be donated to the
Haiti Disaster Fund.

The Digger's has written an article about this book launch which tells us more about the author and the book. Read more »

Glenavy River Comes to Life
Glenavy Conservation & District Angling Club

Explore the website of the Glenavy Conservation & District Angling Club to learn about their plans for the conservation and development of the Glenavy river.

Pixie Childrenswear

Pixie Childrenswear

Welcome to, a unique website designed to provide an insight into the rich history of the village and surrounding district of Glenavy, situated in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Ongoing development in the area continues to sweep away former homesteads, farms, buildings and green pastures confining those places to memory.

These images are copyright - please contact The Digger for further details

You are cordially invited to take a browse through the village, townlands and district and explore the past. aims to capture those days of yesteryear, and piece together the jigsaw of past generations using a variety of sources to include newspapers, photographs, postcards, local ballads, poems and memories. Here you will find tales of ancient times, ring forts, folklore, folk charmers and water diviners.

Over time will develop into a book without cover, chapter or ending and will expand as more material is added to the site.

Please do make contact if you have any material or memories you would like to share with others about Glenavy and the surrounding district.

Please do call back again.

"The Digger"

Two local boys play it cool on ice in Scotland

Junior Belfast Giants Under 16 players - Jack McGivern (left) and James Taggart (right) on their return home from their second league game in Dundee

Two local teenagers, Jack McGivern from Annahilt and James Taggart from Lisburn, both members of the Under 16 Junior Belfast Giants Ice-hockey team, returned in the early hours of Sunday morning, 11th November, 2012 after a 21 hour round trip to play in the second of their league games at Dundee.

Jack, a defenceman and James, a forward have been with the Junior Belfast Giants ice hockey club for a number of years and they train on a twice weekly basis at Dundonald International Ice Bowl, Castlereagh. The club has been in existence since 2003 and is part of a junior development programme affiliated to the Stenaline Belfast Giants. The club was set up to give children and young people in Northern Ireland the chance to play Ice Hockey and follow in the footsteps of the Giants players they watch every week. Over the past two seasons the clubhas undergone a successful restructuring programme. It was recognised that members, despite regular training events, were lacking in game experience. There are no other ice rinks in Northern Ireland, and the club do not have any other teams in their age groups to play against this side of the Irish Sea. In January 2012 the club sent their first team across to our Scottish neighbours to play in a series of planned friendly games. This season the Junior Belfast Giants were accepted into the Scottish Ice-hockey League. Jack and James travelled to Inverness last month to play in their first league game.

It was the first time some of the players had actually played together on ice in a game situation. From the outset it would have been forgivable to think that the odds were stacked against the Junior Belfast Giants, considering some of the team had been up from 4am that morning. Jack and James were two of eighteen under 16 players chosen to play on ice at Inverness and they celebrated with the team when they won 7 - 6. The league awards double points when the Juniors play in Scotland. There are no home games being played in Belfast during the season due to the lack of ice time and rinks in Northern Ireland.

The game on Saturday 10th November against Dundee Stars was however not a success story for the fourteen members of the under 16 team who had made the journey over to Dundee.

The Dundee Stars U16 team, who were the winners of last year’s Scottish Ice Hockey League and the Scottish Cup however proved to be more formidable opponents for the Junior Belfast Giants and Jack, James and other members of the team returned home having scored only three goals against Dundee's twelve. A goal assist was made by fellow team member and Sherwood ambassador, Jamie Scott, grandson of a Ballymacash resident. In the words of one team manager accompanying the U16 team – “You win some, and you come second in others.” Later in the season they will face Murrayfield, Kilmarnock, North Ayrshire, Solway, Aberdeen and Kirkcaldy in Scotland.

Meanwhile training continues on a twice weekly basis under the guidance of head coach Rob Stewart, assistant coach with the Belfast Giants. Last season Rob was inducted into the Ice Hockey Journalists Hall of Fame which was a prestigious award for his outstanding services to ice hockey.

Jack and James join their other team members who travel from as far away as Dundalk and Ballymoney to attend their hour’s training session at Dundonald International Ice Bowl on Friday nights from 22.15– 23.15 and Sunday evenings from 18.15 – 19.15.

The Junior Belfast Giants are part of a development programme affiliated to the Belfast Giants. This programme oversees the development of the players and offers them the opportunity to be scouted by the Giants to play with them in the Elite league.

The under 16 team are now preparing for their next league game against Murrayfield, Scotland on the 1st of December.

For information on the Junior Belfast Giants – see

The Digger writes for and The Ulster Star

"The Digger" is once again writing stories for "The Ulster Star".

"The Digger" also writes articles for and thanks Jim Collins for agreeing to host future articles.

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DVD - The Building of Crew Orange Hall

This is a unique piece of Glenavy history and has been taken from cine film and put onto DVD. The DVD shows the building of the Crew Hall (LOL124), the laying of the foundation stone (18th October, 1958), the opening of the hall and the associated sale of works (30th March 1959). There are many people who appear in this DVD who are no longer with us. The quality is variable, but played on a home computer and slowed down, many faces can be identified. There is no original sound, although a music soundtrack has been added. Thanks to the Lewis family of Lisburn for preserving these memories and permitting us to share them.
Copies of the DVD can be obtained from

Captured Images
Unit 12 - 14 Rosevale Industrial Estate
171 Moira Road
Telephone 08455202040


The Lewis family or lodge are not making anything from the sale of this DVD. Copies can be obtained for £10 each.