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L.O.L. 618 - 12th July 1953. Photographer J.J. Morrison, Crumlin
L.O.L. 618 - 12th July 1953
Photographer J.J. Morrison,
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Orange Institution - L.O.L. 618 Pride of Glenavy

"A History of Orangeism in the Glenavy District"

The following is an extract taken from "A History of Orangeism in the Glenavy District - A Tercentenary Booklet 1690 - 1990" with the kind permission of the officers and Brethren in Glenavy District.

Pride of Glenavy L.O.L. 618

The records of the Grand Lodge of Ireland show that warrant No. 618 was issued in 1798, but it is not known if it was working in Glenavy District at that time. In 1825, however the records show that 618 was indeed working under the jurisdiction of Glenavy District, with Mr. William Quinn as the Worshipful Master. In 1856, the Worshipful Master was Mr. John Millar, but a complete list of Worshipful Masters is not available until 1875, as the Lodge does not have records before then.

L.O.L. 618 Worshipful Masters

1875 - 77Charles Quigley
1878 - 79John Ingram
1880Charles Quigley
1881John Ingram
1882 - 84John Arbuckle
1885Charles Quigley
1886John Ingram
1887 - 89Charles Quigley
1890 - 92W.J. Bolton
1893William Leslie
1894 - 1905John Ingram
1906 - 17Thomas Moore
1918James McClurg
1919 - 20Charles Bell
1921 - 35Alex Withers
1936 - 37W.J. Bolton
1938Alex Withers
1939 - 46W.J. Forsythe
1947 - 51Robert Higginson
1952 - 55Robert Harbinson
1956 - 62Augustus Bell
1963 - 71Robert Harbinson
1972 - 77Ivan Harbinson
1978 - 84Peter Lundy
1985 - 88Douglas Harbinson
1989 - 90Adrian Bell
1991 - 2001Kenneth Harbinson
2001 - Robert Farrell

The Lodge had the services of Glenavy Conservative Flute Band for the 12th of July, until it was disbanded in the late 1940's. Following the demise of the flute band, the Lodge had great difficulty in obtaining the services of a band for the 12th and on a few occasions had to resort to hiring two pipers to lead them. These problems in hiring a band, led to the Lodge deciding to start its own band. In 1958 the help of the Ladies Committee was sought and a series of fund raising events were undertaken to get the band on the road. It was decided that the band would be accordion and would bear the name ‘Pride of Glenavy Accordion Band’.

The dedication of instruments for the Band was on 20th June 1959 and was carried out by the Rector of Glenavy Parish, the Rev. A.J.E. Campbell.

In the 1950's the Lodge formed a close relationship with a Belfast lodge known as ‘Glenavy Chosen Few’ L.O.L. 1963. This lodge had been formed by members of the Bell family from Glenavy, who went to live in Belfast. The two lodges enjoyed quite a few exchange visits in the 1950's and 1960's. A feature of the Belfast lodge's visits to Glenavy was a parade of the village by the two lodges. The banner of L.O.L. 1963, in common with that of L.O.L. 618 bears a painting of Glenavy Parish Church. In the meeting of March 1968, the brethren of L.O.L. 1963 presented to L.O.L. 618 a Bible and a pair of ceremonial mallets. This special meeting was attended by W. Brother Walter Williams (Secretary G.O.L.I.) and W. brother J.H. Molyneaux J.P.D.G.M. This meeting appears to be the last contact L.O.L. 618 had with its Belfast friends, probably due to the civil unrest that followed 1969. The present members of the lodge have shown an interest in re-establishing its links with L.O.L. 1963 in the near future.

L.O.L. 618 was responsible for the erection off the arch in Glenavy up until 1968, when due to circumstances, this responsibility was passed to the District Lodge. Most of the present Arch is still made up of the structure made by Brother Charles and Augustus Bell for L.O.L. 618.

The Lodge's present Banner was unfurled and dedicated on 19th June 1970 in the Parish Church Car park. The banner was unfurled by Mrs. Lundy, dedicated by Rev. A. Guthrie and Rev. J. Martin. It has a painting of Glenavy Parish Church on the front, with the Protestant Martyrs Lattimer and Ridley on the Rear.

The lodge has, through the years attempted to broaden the knowledge of its members in relation to the history and workings of the Orange Order. It has invited special guests to speak at its meetings and these have included Brother Sir Knox Cunningham M.P., Canon S.E. Long, members of the Lodge of Research, and more recently members of the Ulster Society.

The Lodge joined the Ulster Society in 1985 and would recommend that other Lodges in the district join this organisation, as its aims are to maintain the culture and heritage of Ulster. The Society publishes a lot of very interesting books, and arranges a large programme of talks and exhibitions.

In April 1989, some members of the Lodge attended the 75th Anniversary of the Clydevalley gun-running in Larne. This event was organised by the Ulster Society, and L.O.L. 618 and R.B.P. 286 laid a wreath at the Clydevalley memorial at Larne harbour.

The membership of L.O.L. 618 now stands at 43 and it appears from past records that it has always been around the 40 mark, with the exception of the mid 1920's when the roll topped 63. While the lodge may be small in number, its future seems secure with a high proportion of its members being in their 20s and 30s (in fact the average age of the five office bearers is 29).

The members of L.O.L. 618 are proud of their long history and will ever strive to keep Orangeism alive in the village of Glenavy.

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Further to this history published above the lodge submitted a history for publication in "The Faithful and True - a History of Orangeism in County Antrim."

After a lapse of many years the brethren of 618 attended a parade with 1963 on the Shankill Road in 1998 to celebrate the anniversary of West Belfast orange Hall.

The Lodge had a very enjoyable visit to Dan Winters Cottage on Friday 18th May 2001 to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Lodge. Mrs. Hilda Winters gave the Lodge a very informative talk on the history of the Cottage and also provided a great supper for the brethren.

The Lodge unfurled a new banner on Friday 14th June 2002. The banner was dedicated by Bro. Rev. William Hoey and the guest speakers on the evening were Bro. Jeffrey Donaldson M.P., and Bro. Nigel Dodds M.P. The banner depicts St. Aidans Parish Church on one side and the Protestant Martyrs Lattimer and Ridley on the reverse.

In 2004 the Accordion Band made it known that they needed new uniforms and so fund raising events were started with band members and Lodge members being involved. The uniform was purchased from Marquis Tailoring, Belfast and they were dedicated by Rev. Thomas Martin on Friday 10th June 2005 with the guest speaker being Bro. Jeffrey Donaldson M.P. The band was able to show off their new uniforms in their home village on the Twelfth, as Glenavy was the venue for the South Antrim Combine. The band was also honoured to be asked to provide the music at the platform proceedings in the field.

21st October 2005 was a very special night for L.O.L. 618 as the Lodge held their monthly meeting in Schomberg House and it was even more special as a new member, Bro. Harry martin, was initiated into the Lodge. 2006 will be special for the Lodge, as a party of twelve will be attending the 90th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme on Saturday 1st July. The party hope to lay a wreath at the Somme in memory of the fallen especially for one of our own members, Bro. Joe Bell, who was killed on 1st July 1916.

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Orange Banner is unfurled at Glenavy.

Procession through Glenavy headed by Pakenham Silver Band
Date and source unknown.
The procession headed by Pakenham Silver Band passing through Glenavy with the new banner which was unfurled by Mrs. W. Moore for Pride of Glenavy LOL 618.
Florence Harbinson presenting scissors to Mrs W Moore before she unfurled the new banner
Florence Harbinson presenting the scissors to Mrs. W. Moore before she unfurled the new banner.

Orange Banner is unfurled at Glenavy.

Pride of Glenavy LOL no 618 unfurled their new banner in the Protestant Orange Hall on Saturday evening last. The banner replaces the old one, which is 25 years old.

Br. George Kane, Deputy District Master, No 9 District, Belfast, took the chair, and the banner was unfurled by Mrs. W. Moore. She was presented with scissors by Miss Florence harbinson.

Rev. A.J.E. Campbell, M.A. Rector of Glenavy Parish, performed the dedication ceremony.

Speakers included Br. R. Harbinson, W.M., Br. W.J. Forsythe, D.M., Br. R.A. Bell, Br. D. Steele, Br. J. Magowan W.D.M. No 4 District, Br. R. Higginson, and Br. W.J. Harbinson.

Pakenham Memorial Silver band led the parade through the village after the ceremony. Lodges represented were Ballynadrenta No 1055, Crumlin 314 and 471, Fourscore 340, Dundrod 73, Crewe 124, Ballydonaghy 351, and Glenavy 227. the banner cords were carried by Masters John Scott, Thomas Moore, Ivan Harbinson and Mervyn Harbinson.

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Annual Social

Extract from the Lisburn Herald dated Jan 4th 1913

Glenavy Conservative Flute Band

Under above auspices the annual social and re-union was held in the Protestant Hall on Friday evening, December 27th. Mr. Thomas Moore presided. The spacious Hall was tastefully decorated for the occasion, and a goodly gathering of members and friends assembled. After an enjoyable tea and accompaniments, dispensed by the Misses Ayre, Addis, Watson and Harbinson assisted by the stewarts Messrs. Harbinson, Bell, Armstrong and McClurg, various games etc were engaged in, interspersed with an enjoyable programme of musical items, songs etc., to which the following contributed - Messrs. Johnston, McPherson, Lowry, Bassett and Co. Refreshments were again served, and the happy evening was closed by singing the National Anthem.

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Variety Show

The following extract is from The Ulster Star 27th March 1965 and appears with permission of the Ulster Star.

Under the auspices of Pride of Glenavy LOL No 618 a variety show was presented in the Protestant Hall, Glenavy, on Thursday evening last by the Ballymacash Dramatic Society. Bro. R. Harbinson, W.M. presided. The programme included two plays, "The Young man from Rathmines" and "One minute from the Sea"; musical items by Harold Rollins and Co; guitarists; songs by David and Co; Robert Millar,comedian and Pat Kerr, soprano. Mr. H. McCallum was compere.

A vote of thanks to the artisits was proposed by Bro. R. Higginson, D.M. and seconded by Bro. C. Harbinson. The Rev St.G.C.H. Lundy, District Chaplain, opened and closed the proceedings with prayer.

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Charles Harbinson dies from fall

The following is an extract from The Ulster Star dated 24th July 1965 and is reproduced by permission of the Ulster Star.

Arch Falls: man dies

Mr. Charles Harbinson (38), of Landgarve, Crumlin, died in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast , on Saturday afternoon from injuries received in an accident in Glenavy village the previous evening.

Mr. Harbinson, with a number of other men, was engaged in dismantling the Orange arch spanning Main Street, Glenavy, when he fell from a ladder.

He was taken to hospital but died the following day without regaining consciousness.

Mr. Harbinson, who was engaged in building work, was sexton of St. Aidan’s Parish Church, Glenavy, since November last.

He was a most efficient and painstaking worker, evidence of which is seen in the condition of the church grounds and property.

His cousin, Mr.Andrew Harbinson, is sexton of Lisburn Cathedral.

A member of the Orange Order and the Royal Black Institution Mr. Harbinson was hon. Treasurer of Pride of Glenavy L.O.L. No. 618 and was with Red Cross Volunteers R.B.P. 286.

He was a special-constable in the Glenavy Sub-District of the Ulster Special Constabulary, a member of Glenavy Men’s Club, Glenavy Football Club and a committee member of Glenavy Accordian band.

Mr. Harbinson is survived by his wife, Mrs. Sheila Harbinson, a young son and daughter, his mother and father, Mr. And Mrs. William Harbinson, his grandmother, three brothers and two sisters.

The funeral took place on Monday afternoon to Glenavy Parish Churchyard and was one of the largest ever seen in the Glenavy district.

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L.O.L. 618 - 12th July 1953
Photographer J.J. Morrison, Crumlin

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Glenavy 101 and still going strong!

The following is an extract from The Ulster Star dated 12th October, 1979 and appears with permission of The Ulster Star.

Glenavy 101 and still going strong!

Mr. James McClurg, Main Street, Glenavy, present band instructor of the Glenavy Accordion Band was able to give me some sketchy information about the Glenavy Conservative Flute Band from its inception in 1878 until the change over to Accordion Band in 1958 and once again the name of McCormack family and Lisburn Conservative come to the fore.

The first teacher of this old band was a Mr. Walker who was schoolmaster from Glenavy, then came Bob Simpson, from the Low Road, and Lisburn Conservative.

He was followed by Samuel McCormack, also from the Conservative and Low Road, and Mr. Bob Matthews, Derryola, Gawley’s Gate not only taught the band but took on the teaching of the Accordion Band when it started.

The last teacher of the Glenavy Conservative Flute Band was Mr. David Grant, Oldpark Road, Belfast. If anyone can fill in the details about the history or has old photographs I will be glad to hear from you.

Since the change over to accordion the Glenavy band has been taught by Bob Matthews and George Moore from Crumlin.

This past five years Mr. James McClurg was been in charge and under him the band has steadily gained in membership and he is teaching quite a few learners.

The band takes part in regular parades and Sacred concerts, church fetes, and at Christmas time, carol playing round the village.

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Carol Service

The following is an extract from The Ulster Star dated January 26th 2007. Thanks to the Ulster Star for permission to use the extract.

Thanks for successful Lodge Carol Service.

The Officers and Brethren of The Pride of Glenavy LOL 618 thank all those who made their annual Carol Service, held on Sunday December 10 in the Protestant hall, Glenavy, a great success.

A collection of £350 was raised for the Martin Residential trust and the Lodge thanked the Rev. Jim Martin, founder of the Trust for attending the Carol Service, reading a lesson and giving the congregation a short talk on the work of the Trust.

The Martin Residential Trust gives residential care for profoundly handicapped people and also respite care for families who look after handicapped relatives at home.

Thanks also to the Rev. Austin Hassard for conducting the service, Adam Wilkinson and Glenavy Accordion Band for leading the carols, Vivien McCullough and the Junior Members of the Lanaway Accordion Class, for their first performance in front of an audience, which led to a huge round of applause from the Hall.

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Pride of Glenavy L.O.L. 618 Accordion Band

The following notes are to be found inside a Quotation Calendar 2005

Pride of Glenave L.O.L. 618 Accordian Band
Pride of Glenavy L.O.L. 618 Accordion Band
(by Jennifer Kennedy, Treasurer 2005)

The Pride of Glenavy Accordion Band was not the first band to lead L.O.L. 618 and had it not been for the disbandment of the Glenavy Conservative Flute Band in the late 1940’s, there may not have been an accordion band in the village today. When the Conservative Flute Band folded the lodge had great difficulty in acquiring the services of another band and had to resort to hiring two pipers to lead them on the 12th July. These problems in hiring a band led to the lodge deciding to start a band of their own. In 1958 with the help of the Ladies Committee a number of fund raising events were held in order to get the band on the road and it was decided that the band would be called “Pride of Glenavy LOL 618 Accordion Band.”

The first band practice was held in the lodge room in the Autumn of 1958 and in the Spring of the following year the band members went up to McCullough’s Football pitch to practice marching. Bob Matthews was the first Band Master and he travelled every week to Glenavy from Gawley’s Gate on his motorbike. He wrote some tunes for the band and named them after the area where he lived, Gawley’s Gate etc. The band made do with odds and ends of uniforms until they were able to purchase a 2nd hand uniform from Carrickfergus Amateur Flute Band in the mid-1960’s.

L.O.L. 618 Band Original band leader was Douglas Harbinson and now 45 years later his grand-daughter Sophie Harbinson leads the band
The original Band leader was Douglas Harbinson and now 45 years later his grand-daughter Sophie Harbinson leads the band.

The Band throughout their 45 years have had many dedicated members and 3 are worthy of a special mention here.

The late Jim McClurg was one of the founder members of the Band and in the early years he did a lot behind the scenes to keep the Band running. In later years Jim went on to teach the Band and even wrote one of our most popular tunes “Britannia.” He was a very popular and highly respected Band master.

Mrs Amy Sloan has been the Band Secretary for more years than even she would care to remember, and has done an excellent job in keeping the members informed of parades and other engagements. When numbers were low, Amy even donned a uniform and helped put at parades.

Lastly, but by no means least, a special thank-you to Mr. Ivan Harbinson, who for many years kept the band going, by ringing members, and encouraging them to turn out to the various parades. Also Ivan’s great sales techniques has ensured all the dates on this Calendar were sold.

For a number of years the band went through quite a rocky patch, with numbers dwindling, but in more recent years the band has been going from strength to strength with some of our past members coming back to the band and we are more than happy to have them back. The Band in more ways than one, is like one big family.

The Band is kept busy all year round, taking on marching engagements and playing in residential homes and Ulster Scots evenings.

On behalf of the band I would like to thank each and every person who contributed to this calendar, it has been a struggle to get to this point and at one stage I thought we were never going to get there, but I do hope you enjoy reading all the sayings and quotations.

Founder members of the band.

Jim McClurg
Billy Bell
Ivan Harbinson
Mervyn Harbinson
Douglas Harbinson
Jim Lyle
Alan Kerr
Mervyn Bolton
Mervyn Wilson
Mervyn Dunn
Maisie Henry
Pearl Agnew
Tommy Harbinson
Fred Rush
George Henry Sen.
George Henry Jun.
Jimmy Henry

Mr James (Jim) McClurg  by his daughter Vivien

Jim McClurg (5th July 1925-5th July 1981
Jim McClurg
(5th July 1925 - 5th July 1981)

Jim was a founder member of our Band and he then went on to be Conductor.

He remained the conductor until his untimely death in July of 1981 at the age of 56.

Jim McClurg and Peter Galloway, 20th July 1976
Jim McClurg and Peter Galloway, 20th July 1976

He was very popular with young and old, and was dedicated to transposing music into a suitable key that suited everybody to play.

I can honestly say that the band played a big part of his life and he was very proud of how well they were coming on. I am sure all who had the pleasure of knowing Jim can sum him up in two words: A GENTLEMAN.

Photographs of the Band over the years.

L.O.L. 618 Band
L.O.L. 618 Band
L.O.L. 618 Band
L.O.L. 618 Band
L.O.L. 618 Band
L.O.L. 618 Band
L.O.L. 618 Band
L.O.L. 618 Band
20th July 1976
L.O.L. 618 Band
20th July 1976
L.O.L. 618 Band
20th July 1976
L.O.L. 618 Band
L.O.L. 618 Band
L.O.L. 618 Band Outside Glenavy Protestant Hall in 1983
The above photograph appeared in The Ulster Star on the 25th April 2008 in relation to a story about the 50th Anniversary of the band. The picture was taken outside Glenavy Protestant Hall on the 12th July 1983. The article was promoting the celebration of the band’s 50th Anniversary and special dinner for current and past members in Brownlow House, Lurgan on Friday 2nd May 2008. It mentions the fact that the band had numerous conductors over the years including: Bob Matthews, Jim McClurg, Vivien McCullough, Robert Aikenhead, George Usher and Adam Wilkinson.
L.O.L. 618 Band Dedication of Uniforms, June 2006
Dedication of Uniforms  June 2006
L.O.L. 618 Band
L.O.L. 618 Band Dedication of Uniforms, 1984
Dedication of uniforms 1984
L.O.L. 618 Band
Glenavy Accordian Band at Stoneyford 1985
Glenavy Accordion Band on the 12th of July 1985 at Stoneyford. This photograph appeared in The Ulster Star and appears here with permission of The Ulster Star.
Glenavy Accordian Band on 12th July 1991
Glenavy Accordion Band on the 12th July 1991. This photograph appeared in The Ulster Star and appears here with permission of The Ulster Star.
L.O.L. 618 Band playing near stage area of Crumlin Field on 12th July Celebrations, 1998
The band playing near the stage area of the Crumlin Field during the twelfth of July celebrations, 1998. This photograph appeared in The Ulster Star and appears here with permission of The Ulster Star.
L.O.L. 618 Band
L.O.L. 618 Band
L.O.L. 618 Band at a reception for the band hosted by Lisburn City's Mayor
The above photograph was taken at a reception for the band hosted by Lisburn City’s Mayor  - Councillor James Tinsley in the Mayor’s Parlour at the start of the band’s Golden anniversary year.
An article appeared in The Ulster Star on 25th January 2008 in relation to this event.

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LOL 618 Banner

LOL 618 Banner
LOL 618 Banner

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